The 23rd International Conference

Berlin, Germany, September 23-26, 2016


The MAGLEV 2016 conference will be held in Berlin in cooperation with InnoTrans Berlin 2016.

The main theme of MAGLEV 2016 is ‘Maglev Solutions for People, Cities, and Regions?’ and it is about all those transportation and energy solutions, especially innovative maglev ones, which could make everyday life easier and transport function smarter. Should the world “Leapfrog to maglev?”

The MAGLEV 2016 is a scientific conference and therefore encourages differences of opinion on the specific systems and their respective impacts on technology development, society and environment, especially as these issues form the basic components of a constructive, critical discussion.




MAGLEV 2016 welcomes inquiries or dissenting opinions from those who wish to engage in constructive discussions of the merits of competing transport systems.