The International Maglev Board is an international non-profit organization. It is made up of internationally known transport scientists, engineers, experts as well as members of citizens' movements. 

The International Maglev Board is oriented to the public interest, works independently and, as a basic tenet, does not represent any commercial interests. It is oriented toward interdisciplinary and scientifically based support of long-term social well-being, especially in relation to sustainable mobility. One focus of our attention concerns the prospects and limitations of magnetic levitation transport technologies. 

The International Maglev Board does not in any way, shape or form endorse any particular manufacturer or industry group. We are beholden to no corporate interests.

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The members of the International Maglev Board unanimously agree that maglev systems are a relevant and important transport technology for the future. However, we also encourage differences of opinion on the specific systems, technical details or applications, especially as these form the basic components of a constructive, critical discussion.  We also welcome inquiries or dissenting opinions from those who wish to engage in constructive discussions of the merits of competing intercity transport systems.

This website is addressed to anyone — public officials, decision-makers, media representatives, traffic and transport scientists and any interested citizens — who would support a constructive, critical discussion on the prospects and limitations of available transport technology.

Supporters and partners of the International Maglevboard e.V. believe in informing political leaders, transit officials, and the public about the engineering challenges and societal benefits that can be delivered through the deployment of high, medium and low-speed magnetic levitation transportation systems.

Everyone involved as a supporter for this website should support fair, open-minded and respectful discussions about the many facets of transportation policy.