The 18.4-kilometer experimental line created for the development of the maglev train operates between Tsuru and Otsuki, both in Yamanashi Prefecture.  JR Tokai started test runs in 1997. In 2006, JR Tokai began offering trial runs to the public. These were held several times a year. 

In (fiscal year) 2006, eight trial runs were open to the public. Each time, 300 to 500 people were offered a trial ride. Often, as many as 100 times that number of people applied for the chance. According to media reports, on one occasion, 120,000 people applied for 300 seats, 400 times the number of places. 

As of 2007, mainly government officials and JR-invitees can sign up for a ride. For non-Japanese it has become especially difficult to sign up for a ride on the maglev, mostly due to cross-cultural and language barriers. 

In Yamanashi Prefecture, by October 2018, the test runs of the linear Shinkansen had reached 2.67 million km which equals goining around the earth about 66 times.

JR Tokai said on December 20th, 2018 that it will build a new vehicle for the Linear Shinkansen. The new vehicle will have 15m long nose that will be rounded more than before. JR Central calims says that the wind resistance at the front will be reduced by 13% and the electricity used will also be reduced. Accordingly, the sound emission could also be reduced.

The company hopes to finish construction by spring of 2020 and will start testing it in Yamanashi.

Source: NHK Japan, Dec. 23, 2018