MAGLEV conferences focus primarily on the mobility needs of persons and consequently on all technologies, policies, actions and applications which help satisfy these needs in a more sustainable manner. Maglev technologies offer new solutions to the public and the private sector that might facilitate the citizens lifes and help them to make choices in favour of modernized Public Transport and at the same time leave their private car at home.

Therefore, MAGLEV conferences encompass all applications that exploit the maglev technology innovations and give a smart, energy-efficient character to our every-day transport. The MAGLEV 2016 events will attempt to provide a taste of what technologies are coming and will influence our lives and the ways we manage the increasing transport demand.

The Maglev conferences are addressed to anyone — experts, students, public officials, decision-makers, urban planners, scientists and any interested citizens — who would support a constructive, critical discussion on the prospects and limitations of available magnetic levitation technologies and linear motors applied in transport and industry.