Maglev Conferences typically cover the following fields an topics:


A - Maglev Technological Research and Development

A1   Magnetic Levitation and Guidance

A2   Linear Motors

A3   Guideway and Infrastructure Technologies

A4   Energy Storage and Supply

A5   Reliability, Safety and Operational Control

A6   Magnetic Elevators and Escalators

A7   Magnetic Bearings, Maglev Wind Turbines

A8   Superconductors, Application of Superconductivity

A9   New Ideas on Levitating Device Applications, Hyperloop, Monorails

A10 Standardisation Issues


B – Maglev Projects, Implementations and Impacts

B1  High-Speed Maglev: Studies, Projects and Operation Results

B2  Urban Maglev: Studies, Projects and Operation Results

B3  Freight Maglev: Studies, Projects and Operation Results

B4  Impacts on Spatial and Regional Development, Transport Geography

B5  Architecture, Urban Planning and Design Issues (stations, guideways, vehicles)

B6  Marketing and Transport Psychology Issues (travel comfort demand, travel time)

B7  Environmental and Health Issues (electromagnetic fields, noise, vibrations)

B8  Innovative Spin-off use (military use, marine systems, sportive devices)

B9  History of Maglev development (worldwide).