The International Maglev Board is the International Maglev Association. We are a non-profit organization and are made up of internationally known transport scientists, engineers, experts as well as members of citizens' movements. We are beholden to no corporate interests.


What we do:

  • We organize conferences, professional meetings and workshops worldwide on the topic of mobility of the future.
  • We support universities and colleges, state and municipal authorities, associations and private companies with intensive training courses on the topics of mobility, transport and mobility management.
  • We support young scientists through training, conference support and smaller scholarships.
  • We integrate experienced scientists and senior citizens into a network in order to secure the know-how on mobility and magnetic train technologies.
  • We conceive, organise and finance exhibitions on the future of transport, mostly with a focus on magnetic train technologies.
  • We collect and archive important information on transport technology development and make it available to the general public free of charge in a state library.
  • We give lectures on the future of transport and arrange speakers on request.
  • We publish research results in our own publishing house and make the results available to the general public free of charge on scientific platforms (e.g.
  • We network the industry through our newsletter, which is published approximately every three months.
  • We work scientifically and are not influenced by commercial interests.


Why this website?

The purpose of this website is to call for maglev systems to be included – objectively and fairly – in any and all long-range infrastructure planning and planning competitions. 

Maglev technologies are not wonderful sweeping innovations that will provide a quick solution for all the mobility problems of the world. However, in specific cases, maglev trains can certainly contribute to the organization of more efficient mobility. This aspect should be tested in individual cases, for specific projects, i.e., in a comparison with wheel/rail and air traffic, and should be objective and fact-based, without technical prejudice or bias.

The International Maglev Board (IMB) was founded in 1997 by Karl-Hartmut Blesik († 8 November 2006) and Johannes Klühspies.