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Dr. Andrey Galenko †

Russian Federation

Dr. Andrey Galenko was an electrical engineer and the chief designer of magnetic suspension transport with linear electric drive of JSC Engineering Scientific Center "TEMP".

Dr. Galenko died on February 8, 2024.

He was a participant in projects of magnetic levitation and linear electric propulsion transportation systems with 40 years of experience, organizer and head of the TEMP Test Center in Ramenskoye, Moscow Region.

Dr. Galenko was in charge of the development of the Soviet magnetic levitation system TP-02 in 1979 and TP-05 in 1986. He served as Chief Designer for the Sheremetyevo-Moscow Project, B250 Car - 1992. He also served as Chief Designer for the Moscow Monorail Electric Linear Drive Project - 2000, was a member of the Moscow Monorail Chief Designers Board approved by the Moscow Government, and co-authored the patent for the Moscow Monorail.


Professional Experience

Dr. Andrey Galenko was a corresponding member of the Academy of Electrical Engineering Sciences of the Russian Federation, Doctor of electrical engineering.

Scientific and industrial activities:

  • Born 06.08.1944.
  • Period of work: from 1962 to 1964 - Khrunichev Machine-Building Plant, design technician.
  • Period of employment: 1969 - 1977 - Research Institute of Applied Hydromechanics, Design Engineer.
  • Period of work: 1977 - 1986 - All-Russian Research and Design Institute "Transprogress", leading designer, chief designer of the project.
  • Period of employment: 1986 - 1992 - NPO "Gidrotruboprovod", Head of Department, Chief Designer.
  • Period of work: 1992 -2000 - JSC Engineering Scientific Center "TEMP", Deputy General Director, Chief Designer.
  • Period of employment: 2000-2018-JSC ESC “TEMP”, General Director, Chef Designer.
  • Period of work:2018-2019-Scientific-productional Centre ”Transport Innovative Technologiess”, Executive Director, Chief Designer.
  • Period of employment:2019 - 2024 - JSC ESC “TEMP”, Chief Designer for magnetic suspension transport with linear electric drive. LLC “Business area”, General Director.

Author of a number of scientific articles, monographs, patents, Participant Russian and international conferences on magnetic suspension.