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Kevin Coates

United States of America (USA)

Kevin C. Coates is the president of CoatesConsult, a maglev transport consultancy.

CoatesConsult is supported by an international cadre of highly educated and experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in magnetic levitation (maglev) transport, advanced composite materials, civil works infrastructure, inductive power delivery systems, maglev OS systems, and financial services firms that fund large infrastructure projects.

Mr. Coates presents extensively on the subject of advanced transportation & improved mobility and his work has appeared in several international media, including: engineering publications, maglev technology documentaries that have aired via the international National Geographic network, radio and television talk shows, and several major media publications. His November 2004 Civil Engineering magazine cover story explained how the Shanghai maglev system was built and earned him an ASBPE award for best technical article.

Mr. Coates and his associates are well connected with maglev professionals around the globe. This includes maglev manufacturers, designers, design engineering firms, concrete and steel fabricators (for guideways), geotechnical experts, and infrastructure financial services firms. These individuals and companies are located the U.S., Japan, China, Korea, and the European Union.

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