Maglev supporters call for a fact-based examination and project-based evaluation of maglev systems in concrete individual cases – further, in a fair, scientifically based comparison with conventional wheel-on-rail and/or aircraft systems. Maglev should be promoted in places and situations where its use is meaningful, based on an objective weighing of the facts. Especially important evaluation criteria for all systems are their long-term economic effects and life-cycle costs.

Maglev Supporters agree with the principles of the statements in the Maglev Charter as a whole. Any individual, alternate focus, deviating opinion on the details or a preference for a certain system are retained and are, in fact, desirable.

The Maglev Charta

The purpose of this Charta is to call for maglev systems to be included – objectively and fairly – in any and all long-range infrastructure planning and planning competitions.

Maglev technologies are not wonderful sweeping innovations that will provide a quick solution for all the mobility problems of the world. However, in specific cases, maglev trains can certainly contribute to the organization of more efficient mobility. This aspect should be tested in individual cases, for specific projects, i.e., in a comparison with wheel/rail and air traffic, and should be objective and fact-based, without technical prejudice or bias.

Chapter 1    Maglev can make rapid transit more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
Chapter 2    Maglev can replace short-distance air traffic with attractive travel times.
Chapter 3    Intercity mobility will become more economical with maglev.
Chapter 4    Maglev can achieve very high levels of safety and comfort.
Chapter 5    Maglev guideway construction is becoming more and more economical.
Chapter 6    Maglev uses separate routes and avoids slower transport.
Chapter 7    Maglev test installations are a prerequisite for success.
Chapter 8    Maglev provides national economic and social benefits.
Chapter 9    Maglev systems are future-oriented, innovative and important.

These points list some of the major benefits of maglev systems when they are implemented with appropriate planning and implementation.