Many engineers, inventors and laymen have contributed to the invention and development of the maglev system. When it comes to the question who originally invented the concept of magnetic levitation for transportation purposes, the names of Hermann Kemperand Emile Bachelet are quoted most often.


*1892, †1977 

Hermann Kemper (* April 5, 1892 Nortrup, Germany, in the district of Osnabrueck, † July 13, 1977) was a German engineer and is considered by many the inventor of the basic maglev concept.

In 1914, the French-born American inventor Emile Bachelet presented his idea of a maglev vehicle and even displayed a first model. A report in the Swiss journal "Schwizer Familie" in the year 1914 shows a photograph of this event and provides some information about his project vision, as well as the model. *