The company 

Rotem is a South Korean company manufacturing rolling stock, defense products and plant equipment. It is part of the Hyundai Motor Group. Founded in 1999, it has about 3,500 employees in Korea. The headquarters are in Seoul. Projects Notable transport projects include MTR's "K-Stocks" and trains for the New Delhi Metro. They are to supply automated trains for the Canada Line between Vancouver and Richmond in British Columbia, Canada and the Silverliner V commuter trains for SEPTA Regional Rail in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Rotem is manufacturer and developer of the "Rotem Urban Maglev".

The Rotem Urban Maglev System 

Rotem Co. is developing an urban maglev similar to the Japanese Chubu HSST ("Linimo"). Construction of a 1-kilometer starter system is underway in DaeJeon, Korea. The total length of the System is expected to reach 3,5 km.


A prototype train has been built. The technical data of the currently tested system is as follows:

  • Train Formation: 2 vehicles (Mc1-Mc2)
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 13.5 m (L) x 2.85 m (W) x 3.50 m (H)
  • Vehicle Weight, Laden: 30 t
  • Passenger capacity: 100 Persons / vehicle
  • Max. Design Speed: 110 km/h
  • Supply Voltage: 1,500 VDC

Operation Plan

  • Route Length (km): 3.5
  • No. of Stations: 5
  • Max. operating speed (km/h): 80
  • Scheduled speed (km/h): 35
  • Round trip time (min): 12
  • Headway (min): 6
  • No. of Trainsets: 3
  • Train Control: ATP