TSB in Chengdu! New details & pictures presented for the first time

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TSB in Chengdu! New details & pictures presented for the first time

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During the Chengdu Rail Transit Expo, new TSB info was presented along with many other railroads. For the first time, pictures and videos of the line appear, also from the control center and the stations.

Lower costs
Maintenance costs, operating costs and construction costs are a good 30% lower with the TSB than with comparable wheel-rail systems. These advantages are made possible by the electromagnetic levitation system, and the lack of contact with the track brings many advantages. Power is drawn to the vehicle through mechanical contact with conductor rails. This is 750V direct current.
The conductor rails also serve as an emergency landing gear. The skids installed in the vehicle settle on the conductor rails in an emergency and during normal operational set-down operations.

Technical advantages
In addition to advantages such as cost reductions, the TSB also benefits from technical advantages thanks to its magnetic levitation technology with a 7mm air gap. As many reporters from Chengdu have reported, the TSB is virtually silent, even inside the vehicle. In addition, the ride comfort is also unbeaten, in fact there is a video showing that not even a bottle of water vibrates or even falls over.

The future of TSB
"The trial operation of the TSB has proven that the TSB is safer, more adaptable to harsh climates, more environmentally friendly, more economical and smarter. The TSB can become a revolutionary technology in the field of future infrastructure such as 5G and cloud computing. In the process, the TSB could also indicate the future direction of conventional railroads," said the chief engineer of Xinzhu Road and Bridge Machinery Co. Ltd.

You can view many interesting photos and videos on https://magnetbahn.org/news/tsb-in-chen ... orgestellt

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