Maglev Planning Study St. Petersburg - Moscow

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Maglev Planning Study St. Petersburg - Moscow

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High Speed Maglev Planning Study for St. Petersburg - Moscow

In Russian transport route planning up to 2035, the use of maglev technology should also to be investigated for the Moscow-St. Petersburg high-speed line. In this context, the maglev system is to be compared with a wheel/rail high-speed system. Based on the results, the State Council of the Russian Federation is then to make a decision on how to proceed. These demands, which are presented in an article in the Russian transport journal RZD-Partner, are clearly influenced by the successful Chinese and Japanese maglev developments in high-speed transport.

Source: With persmission of RusMaglev, 2020.

Russian experts expect that the infrastructure costs of a maglev (design speed 550-650 km/h [342-404 mph]) and an R/S high-speed system (max. 350 km/h [217 mph]) will converge on this comparison, since in each case the track would have to be built largely elevated.

In principle, the two transport technologies should be compared on the basis of a number of criteria, such as performance, reliability and safety of transport; environmental impact; energy requirements per square meter of usable vehicle area; life cycle costs, etc.

To the original report (in Russian language): ... na-maglev/
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