Maglev never will?

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Maglev never will?

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Hyperloop and maglev are no real challenge to High Speed Rail (?)

by David Shirres, 08 Apr 2021
Those promoting Hyperloop and maglev have yet to demonstrate that they have addressed all safety, engineering, operational and economic aspects. It is unlikely that they ever will. Hence modern railways will continue to provide the most efficient way of transporting freight and large numbers of passengers. ... manent-way
Source: Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Accessed: 2021-04-12
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Re: Maglev never will?

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I am tired of self called experts who think that they can judge the Transrapid and other maglev systems, without even knowing the basics. It is shocking that those people are getting so much attention by media. This is a problem I encounter with every day, especially on social media platforms. :/

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