Is the European Year of Railways the breakthrough of magnetic levitation trains in Europe?

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Is the European Year of Railways the breakthrough of magnetic levitation trains in Europe?

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Article by Wouter van Gessel

Is the European Year of Railways the breakthrough of magnetic levitation trains in Europe?

Is het Europese jaar van het spoor de doorbraak van magneetzweeftreinen in Europa?
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English translation of Dutch text: ... -in-europa
The European Union has declared 2021 the year of the railroads. In this year events and initiatives will take place to highlight the railroads in general, the companies and the people working in and on the railroads. According to the Freedom of Mobility Foundation, the railroads have an important value for mobility and are expected to account for a larger share of total mobility in the future. Only if the rail/OV sector sticks to only rail/wheel systems will this opportunity or goal get bogged down in technical and operational hurdles.
Railroads are part of guided transport where a vehicle moves according to rigid infra. In this guided transport there are major developments that can give the rail/OV that boost. Not ERTMS (a safety system that displays signal information on a display in a train vehicle based on the train's own driving characteristics) or automatic trains are a game-changer, but magnetic hover trains. These trains are capable of greatly reducing travel times between cities, regions and airports with much lower operating costs and thus socially and economically engaging regions and cities.
This week also sees the Railtech. A trade show and conference for the rail industry. Unfortunately, magnetic levitation trains are not a topic that is receiving great attention. The sector indicates here that the sector is too conservative, not looking from a vision and thus missing opportunities for the public transport sector, cities, regions and even for a country. This is unfortunate and even damaging.

The development of magnetic levitation trains does not stand still. The roots of magnetic levitation trains are in Germany and Great Britain, but especially China and Japan see the possibilities of maglev technology. They are applying it accordingly. There are important developments of which some are listed.
China has presented an ambitious national transportation plan for the period 202-2035. The railroad network will be further expanded. In doing so, China also wants to further promote the development of magnetic levitation trains based on the German Transrapid high-speed maglev. These trains should be able to run at 600km/h between the various cities. CRRC is working with Thyssen Krupp, among others, on this. The lowspeed Maglev will also be further implemented in cities in China. The TSB (Transport System Bögl) from Max Bögl will also be tested extensively.

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