[DO] Boegl TSB for the Dominican Republic (FITRAM)?

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[DO] Boegl TSB for the Dominican Republic (FITRAM)?

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Boegl TSB Medium Speed Maglev for the Dominican Republic (FITRAM)?

THe President of the Academy of Sciences positively evaluates a magnetic levitation train proposal by TSb Max Boegl. The German company presented the levitation train technology at the Academy on 6 December 2023.

The Trust for the Development of the Mass Transportation System of the Dominican Republic (FITRAM) is preparing in the coming months to bid for the Santo Domingo metropolitan train. The consortium of international and local companies associated with Max Bögl, including Sener and Ares, are urging the Dominican authorities to allow the bidding process for the Santo Domingo train to be an open proposal, in order to be able to present this magnetic levitation train proposal.

THe President of the Academy of Sciences, Martínez, pointed out that the technology presented by the company would make it possible to reduce transportation times for freight and passengers, and "above all, we can permanently reduce the number of deaths" in Dominican traffic. The engineer explained that this technology contributes "to reduce enormously the production of greenhouse gases", in addition to the fact that it is an application that in practice is "safe, silent and comfortable", for which he said "we are very happy".

Andreas Rau, commercial director of Max Bögl, gave a presentation on the German company, accompanied by CEO Stefan Bögl. Frauke Pfaff, Managing Director of the German-Dominican Chamber of Industry and Commerce, was the master of ceremonies. Rau explained that the advantages of a magnetic levitation train include low noise levels compared to rail trains, less wear and tear on components due to the absence of friction and, for the same reason, greater comfort for passengers. It also reduces pollution and increases the life cycle of the train and track, as well as ensuring less maintenance.

In his presentation to a group of prominent Dominican engineers, urban planners and builders, Rau said that the TSB (Transport System Bögl) levitation train system has experienced a 20% reduction in costs compared to constructions such as the metro and tramway made outside the Dominican Republic, although he admitted that this depends on the conditions of each project; however, he said that in Germany they have done feasibility studies of interurban connections and the reduction in costs has been even greater. As for maintenance costs, he assured that they would be reduced by 20% over the life of the train.

Responding to journalists who asked about the level of safety and the rate of incidents in this type of mobility, Rau assured that in the last 10 years the system in Germany has not had a single safety incident. As well as the interest of the German multinational and its partners in the country to participate in Dominican projects in the future.

The TSB is a freight and passenger train with a capacity of up to 35,000 people per hour and up to 180 containers per hour per line, with a maximum load of 35 tons per vehicle.
It has a maximum speed of 100 miles per hour, about 160 kilometers per hour.

Due to these characteristics, the company assures that it is a solution for both types of transportation, cargo and passengers.

Info based on translated news from https://pronosticamedia.com/presidente- ... magnetica/ Accessed: 2023-12-28.
Source: https://pronosticamedia.com/presidente- ... magnetica/ Accessed: 2023-12-28.
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Re: [DO] Boegl TSB for the Dominican Republic (FITRAM)?

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With only 1 cm claerance the track costs too much to build and maintain and it can never take freight in my opinion where the Japanese SC maglev has 10 cm clearance all it needs is a 14m diameter TBM tunnel and a few extra magnets to have a overnight container trains loaded and unloaded through the day.

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