Cobra Urban Maglev, Brasil

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Cobra Urban Maglev, Brasil

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Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Richard Stephan, the University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) developed the MagLev-Cobra system for use in urban transportation, especially for South American metropolises, starting in 2014. On a 200-meter [124-foot] track on the university campus, equipped with NdFeB permanent magnet rails, the tests are carried out with the Cobra prototype, which can transport 20 passengers. There are 24 cryostats with YBCO high-temperature superconductor (SML) blocks in the car floor.

This is the first system with this magnet technology (SML). From 2014 to March 2020, the test vehicle carried more than 20,000 passengers on regular visitor trips.
A video gives an overview of the Cobra system: photos of the system can also be found on the IMB website:
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The current state of development of the Cobra Urban Maglev System is presented in a short report ...
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Prof. Dr. Richard Stephan:
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