"Maglev" in Russia?

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"Maglev" in Russia?

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Russian Railways is ready to introduce innovations, but it affects the cost of services for passengers and shippers, new technologies are introduced taking into account economic feasibility, Deputy Director of Russian Railways Dmitry Pegov said Saturday, speaking to the finalists of the All-Russian competition "Big Change".

"No one will hold back progress, we will move forward, make new innovative cars, and improve the quality of service. Here fundamental and applied science will help us. Every carriage, locomotive, plane is stuffed with electronics, new technologies that we are talking about. But we have to make sure that the cost of the technology is in line with what the client can spend. The service should be acceptable in terms of price and quality," Pegov said.

He noted that Russian Railways does not yet plan such major innovations, such as the appearance of trains on a magnetic cushion - too expensive to build, too much electricity consumption, costly maintenance.
"Someday we will come to the fact that it will be simple and cheap, we will be able to spend so much electricity in such a short time and carry passengers at a speed of 600 km / h," - said the deputy head of Russian Railways.

Translated form Russian: 12:36 13.11.2021 Source: The Information Agency of Russia "TASS" https://www.ng.ru/news/724938.html
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