Greens: partially technophobic attitude (against maglev)?

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Greens: partially technophobic attitude (against maglev)?

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Source: Reutters, in: ... 37900.html Accessed: 2021-07-19

China was quick to recognize the advantages of the Transrapid

In the Far East, the advantages of this technology were known early on. The Maglev, as it is also called, was then built by the German consortium in Shanghai. The construction time of the project: 22 months (world record!). At that time, we were able to complete major projects on schedule. It was a race against time. The maiden voyage took place in accordance with the contract deadline on December 31, 2002! It has been in service there ever since, with almost 100 percent availability.

The Chinese have worked consistently since then to acquire this technology, and they have succeeded. In May 2019, CRRC (the world's largest rail vehicle manufacturer) presented its self-developed "600 km/h Maglev" at its Si-Fang factory in Qingdao.

The Japanese are also aware of the benefits of the technology. The high-tech nation has already ushered in a new era for high-speed trains. The Japanese Maglev will connect Tokyo and Nagoya at 600 km/h. Construction of the line is in full swing. The Hyperloop in the USA is another example of the feasibility of changing systems.

Twenty years ago, Red-Green decided against the climate-friendly Transrapid, which would have made intra-European air traffic obsolete. Ideology instead of a factual decision-making process prevents the right course from being set toward emission-free mobility, which other, sober and rational decision-makers have long since set.

The Greens, in particular, have to ask themselves whether their ideological and partially technophobic attitude has not done more harm than good to their cause - environmental protection.

Source: Translated paragraph of Handelsblatt (in German): ... 37900.html
by Johannes Braun 12.02.2020. Accessed: 2021-07-19
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