Transrapid 09 Information

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Transrapid 09 Information

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This post delivers information about TR09.

Built in: 2005-2007
Operating years: 2008 - 2011
Manufacturer: ThyssenKrupp Transrapid
Line: TVE Test Facility Lathen/Germany
Reached Vmax: 400 km/h
Design speed: 505 km/h
Produced sections: 3
Wheight: 169,6 tons
Seats: 156
Standing rooms: 165
Lenght end section: 25,5 m
Lenght middle section: 24,8 m

The Transrapid 09 (TR09) was originally designed for the Munich Transrapid route.
It was initially operated on the TVE Emsland Transrapid test facility in order to obtain its operating permit / approval.

Today, it is stored the private company "Kemper". As you may know, Hermann Kemper was the one who had the idea of electromagnetic suspension by turning magnets on/off ver frequently.

The TR09, as it stands today at Kemper in Nortrup, only has its TFMM (TragFührMagnetModule) in one section. ThyssenKrupp Transrapid GmbH received the remaining TFMM in return for supporting the transport from Lathen to Nortrup. In addition, the batteries have been deeply discharged. So only one end section could float - only with the “Nabelschnur”. (A kind of charging cable for the Transrapid).


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