Transrapid 08 Information

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Transrapid 08 Information

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This post delivers information about TR08.

Built in: 1999
Operating years: 1999 - 2006
Manufacturer: ThyssenKrupp Transrapid
Line: TVE Test Facility Lathen/Germany
Reached Vmax: 420 km/h
Design speed: 500 km/h
Produced sections: 3
Wheight: 149,5 tons
Seats: 190
Standing rooms: None
Lenght end section: 27,2 m
Lenght middle section: 24,8 m

The Transrapid 08 is by far the most important vehicle in the history of Transrapid. A slightly modified version of the TR08 is in operation on the SMT Shanghai Transrapid route, and was originally intended to serve the Hamburg-Berlin route.

Currently, the entire train is stored in Lathen. It is in very bad condition and needs to be cleaned very well.


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