[DE] Does Boegl TSB revolutionize local transport?

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[DE] Does Boegl TSB revolutionize local transport?

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Does the little Transrapid revolutionize local transport?
The building contractor Stefan Bögl not only believes in the future of the magnetic levay, he also builds the trains. He sees potential especially in Asia.

Stefan Bögl, head of a medium -sized construction group from the Upper Palatinate, is convinced that the magnetic shock railway has a future. "The need for mobility is increasing, especially for local transport systems," says Bögl in the Podcast "Fast Lane" from Tagesspiegel Background Verkehr & Smart Mobility. That is why the family business, which Bögl heads in the third generation, also put 50 million euros in developing its own magnetic flake. So far, [the company] [...] has only found a buyer in China. A magnetic railway Made by Bögl has been in use on an eleven kilometer long demonstration route for over a year. Stefan Bögl would also like to see a demonstration route in Munich, for example for passenger traffic between the airport's terminals and parking spaces. Such ideas have not yet been passed beyond studies.

The Transport System Bögl (TSB)[...] is [...] designed for speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour.


The building contractor Bögl is now relying on the fact that the mega cities of Asia in particular could be interested in his TSB. "Urbanization is increasing, especially in Asia." In China alone there are over 100 cities with more than one million inhabitants. "The Chinese are very open -minded" and the cities would have little conventional local transport systems such as metros or strikes, said Bögl in the podcast.

The company works with the former head of the Transrapid test track, Günter Steinmetz. Bögl is building the route for the magnetic railway itself, according to the head of the company, it accounts for 70 percent of the total investment. [...]The vehicles are created in cooperation with suppliers.

[...] For Stefan Bögl [...] this is an advantage if the magnetic track hovers five to six meters over the floor in the second level and the surfaces underneath could be used further. Magnetic trains are also interesting as an extension of subway into the surrounding area or as a ring trains around cities.

[...]For the suspension railway also speak costs and construction time. The kilometer costs about as much as a comparable route tram, i.e. 25 to 50 million euros. And a magnetic railway could be ready for operation in two to three years. In contrast, u-railways cost hundreds of million euros and would need decades until completion.
Quoted (parts) from tagesspiegel.de july 27, 2022. Source: https://pressreview24.com/ca/autos/enth ... sport.html Accessed, 2022-07-28.

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Re: [DE] Does Boegl TSB revolutionize local transport?

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It may work in a dictatorship but there would be too many NIMBYS in a democratic country, it has to be underground.

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