1984: Urban Maglev Berlin

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1984: Urban Maglev Berlin

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The Berlin maglev train was operated on a trial basis from 1984 and regularly with passengers from 1989 to 1991. After reunification, the railroad unfortunately had to make way for the reconstruction of the U2 subway line.
2021-04-20_Berlin_Magnetbahn 1984
2021-04-20_Berlin_Magnetbahn 1984
Source: https://www.myheimat.de/berlin/gedanken ... 71570.html
Accessed: 2021-04-20
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Re: 1984: Urban Maglev Berlin

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Was it really a maglev train? As far as I know, it used a long stator linear motor, but it hat guidance and carrying wheels / rolls, which doesn’t sound like a real magnetic levitating train…

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