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[DE] Maglev: After Berlin, Nuremberg also has plans

Posted: 10. Dec 2023, 10:54
by Eurorapid
Magnetic levitation train: After Berlin, Nuremberg also has plans
2023-12-08_Boegl_Soeder ... has-plans/ Accessed: 2023-12-10

After Berlin, Nuremberg also wants to go high: the construction of a magnetic levitation train is now being discussed for the 518,000-inhabitant city in Bavaria. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) got the ball rolling or the train floating. In a government speech, he stated that such an option would be examined for Nuremberg. As in the federal capital, the Transport System Bögl (TSB) should be considered for this purpose, which in the case of Nuremberg has its headquarters not far from the city.


However, the Nuremberg suspension railway plans are still in their early stages. Currently there is only a rough idea of ​​where the route could run. It is intended to connect the future Technical University (UTN), the exhibition center and the southern hospital in the south of the city – at a certain distance from the city center and the main train station. “The extent to which the stadium area, for which developments are currently planned, will be included will be revealed during the audit,” explained city spokesman Michael Ruf when asked by heise online. ... has-plans/ Accessed: 2023-12-10

Re: [DE] Maglev: After Berlin, Nuremberg also has plans

Posted: 30. Dec 2023, 00:07
by Parrahub1
EMS may be ok for around town but if they want to export it to China it would have to be EDS because the guideway costs too much to build and maintain with only 1 cm clearance.

[DE] Urban Maglev: Nuremberg also has plans

Posted: 21. Mar 2024, 23:27
by Eurorapid
TSB for Nuremberg?

The city of Nuremberg is exploring the implementation of a magnetic levitation (Maglev) transport system through a multi-phase approach, with strong backing from Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder. On December 5, 2023, during a government address, Dr. Markus Söder outlined plans to deploy a Maglev system developed by the Bögl company. This innovative transportation solution is proposed to link the new university campus in Lichtenreuth, specifically at the Bauernfeindstraße stop, with the exhibition center and the Nuremberg South Hospital. The Bavarian state government has pledged to cover 90% of the initial costs. Furthermore, the city of Nuremberg insists that the municipal expenses associated with the Maglev project should not surpass the already agreed-upon costs for tram line extensions along the same corridor.

The city's strategy begins with commissioning a technical feasibility study and an initial cost-benefit analysis. Should these assessments yield favorable outcomes, the proposal will advance to the city council for consideration. The subsequent phase involves obtaining regulatory approvals and conducting a detailed cost-benefit analysis. The final phase will focus on the Maglev's construction and its entry into service.

The envisioned Maglev system in Nuremberg is expected to achieve speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour during regular service, which is comparable to the city's subway trains but less than half the speed of the Maglev trains in testing phases. The most ambitious version of this urban Maglev could accommodate approximately 760 passengers, offering a significant boost to the city's public transportation capacity.

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