[JP] Linear Maglev: Governors ask PM Kishida for support

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[JP] Linear Maglev: Governors ask PM Kishida for support

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Linear Shinkansen: Governors of Abe and four other prefectures ask PM Kishida for support

The governors of the four prefectures where the intermediate station is to be built, including Nagano Governor Abe, met with Prime Minister Kishida and asked for clarification on the opening date and support for the revitalisation of the area around the station.

The governors of Nagano, Kanagawa, Yamanashi and Gifu prefectures met with Prime Minister Kishida on the afternoon of 6 June and asked him to clarify the outlook for the line's opening date in light of the current situation, in which talks between Shizuoka Prefecture and JR Tokai regarding the construction work in Shizuoka Prefecture are running into difficulties and the planned opening date of 2027 is becoming difficult.
In addition, to make effective use of the opening of the Linear Central Shinkansen, they called for cooperation in regional revitalisation, such as promoting tourism and attracting businesses to the vicinity of the new stations to be built in each prefecture.
In response, Prime Minister Kishida said, "For the area of the intermediate station, the three metropolitan areas will be within commuting distance, and lifestyles and working methods will change significantly. We want to make efforts as this is an attractive national project with multiple opportunities.
Prior to the meeting with Prime Minister Kishida, the governors of the four prefectures attended a symposium in Tokyo where they exchanged views with JR Tokai President Shunsuke Niwa and others on how the new station could be used to revitalise the region.
Governor Abe said: "The new station is extremely important as it will be the southern gateway to Nagano Prefecture. We would like to use the opportunity of the Linear Central Shinkansen to turn the Minami Shinshu and Ina Valley regions into a manufacturing base," and expressed his intention to focus on attracting various research institutions to the area.

Source: Translated info from: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/nagano/202 ... 28675.html Zugriff 2023-11-08

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Re: [JP] Linear Maglev: Governors ask PM Kishida for support

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Governor, mayors of seven cities and towns along the planned maglev line ask JR Tokai's president to open on schedule

 On November 28, Governor Furuta Hajime, chairman of the Prefectural Alliance to Promote the Construction of the Linear Central Shinkansen Line, and the mayors of seven cities and towns along the line in the prefecture visited JR Tokai's head office in Nagoya City and submitted a written request to President Niwa Shunsuke, asking that the Tokyo-Nagoya line be opened on schedule in 2027 and that the large amount of soil generated during construction be carefully disposed of. The letter was delivered to President Shunsuke Niwa.
 The nine demands included measures to prevent soil contamination, environmental measures that take into account the wishes of residents along the line, measures to deal with frequent heavy rain disasters, and improving rail connections between the Gifu station area and other parts of Japan.

Translated info from https://www.chunichi.co.jp/article/814130 Accessed Nov 29, 2023

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