Mudslides a threat to Linear Maglev?

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Mudslides a threat to Linear Maglev?

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In response to the massive mudslide in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, the prefectural government decided on July 7 to urgently inspect areas in the prefecture where there is a risk of damage due to the collapse of fill in the upper mountains, as in Atami City. The number of target areas is expected to be several hundred. In consultation with the municipalities, they will narrow down the target areas in late July. The inspection is scheduled to be completed in August.
 It has been pointed out that the mudslide that occurred in Atami City may have been caused by a collapse of the earth fill, which may have caused more damage. According to Nagano Prefecture, there are 670 landslide hazard areas in the prefecture where mudslides may occur due to rainfall.
 In addition, the prefecture plans to add hundreds of areas where there is a risk of soil leakage to the inspection list. Officials from the prefectural and municipal governments will check for cracks in the fill, water seeping out of the fill, and damaged drains. If necessary, they will ask the owners of the land to take safety measures.
 On the other hand, on April 7, the prefectural government again requested JR Tokai to confirm and thoroughly implement safety measures for its plan to fill the area with soil left over from the construction of the Central Linear Railway. The city of Iida, where the Central Linear Maglev will run through, has also asked JR Tokai to implement thorough safety measures. (Kei Ganaha)

Info based on Japanese News report: Accessed: 2021-07-08
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