Chofu Citizens' concerns

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Chofu Citizens' concerns

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JR Tokai held a briefing session in the city of Chofu, and residents voiced their concerns: "If it affects us, please stop the construction"

 In the evening of August 23, JR Tokai held a briefing session for residents in Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City, regarding the shield tunnel construction of the Linear Central Shinkansen, which is digging deep underground. It was held in response to a cave-in accident that occurred during construction of the Tokyo Outer Ring Road (Gaikando) in Chofu City, Tokyo.

Citizens who participated in the meeting voiced their concerns about the effects of the construction, such as vibration, cave-ins, and ground subsidence. Seventy-five people attended the briefing, which was closed to the press.

Some of the participants requested that the construction of the Todoroki emergency exit cause vibrations and that the construction be stopped if it had any impact. A 76-year-old man from Takatsu Ward, who participated in the survey, said, "The premise that deep-sea construction is safe has collapsed due to the events on the Outer Ring Road. I wonder if the linear line is necessary, considering the huge cost and declining traffic demand.

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