Environmental situation in Shizuoka

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Environmental situation in Shizuoka

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 Shizuoka City announced the results of a recent survey on rare plants and animals in the Minami-Alps UNESCO Eco Park, where the construction of the Minami-Alps Tunnel (Aoi Ward) for the Central Linear Maglev Shinkansen Line is planned. The survey examined the habitat status of 17 species and confirmed six species.
 The survey was conducted between May and September of the same year on important species designated by the Ministry of the Environment and Shizuoka Prefecture based on the Red List, etc. The survey confirmed the inhabitation of plants such as currant, violet, perilla and salamander, which JR Tokai had transplanted or sowed before the construction, while 11 species of plants such as poppy, gentian and chrysanthemum, rats and benthic animals were not found. On the other hand, 11 species of plants, including poppies, gentians, and chrysanthemums, as well as river mice and benthic animals, were not found.
 The city has been conducting the survey every year to preserve the environment. The results of the survey can be checked on the city website.
 (Koki Nakagawa)

Info based on Japanese report: https://www.chunichi.co.jp/article/3224 ... h_shizuoka Accessed: 2021-09-01

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