[JP] Linear Technology Committee proposes opening a university endowed course

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[JP] Linear Technology Committee proposes opening a university endowed course

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Chairperson of Shizuoka Prefecture Linear Linear Technology Committee proposes opening a university endowed course.

Yuichi Morishita, a visiting professor at Shizuoka University who chairs Shizuoka Prefecture's expert committee to discuss the impact of the Linear Central Shinkansen on water resources and other issues, approached JR Tokai two years ago with a proposal to establish a university endowed course in which he would serve as a faculty member to study solutions to the problem of the Shizuoka construction zone of the Linear Shinkansen. The Sankei Shimbun obtained the materials of the proposal at that time. The company commented, "We were offered the proposal, but we turned it down.

According to Morishita's proposal materials, the proposal was made in October 2021. The name of the endowed chair is the "Linear Central Shinkansen Southern Alps Construction Area Joint Research Chair. The research will be conducted at Shizuoka University for a period of three years
The research will focus on methods to reduce the amount of water inflow due to tunnel excavation, and methods to reduce the impact on the ecosystem caused by the decline of groundwater. In addition, there are a wide range of other issues, such as how to establish a monitoring system in the Oigawa River system, and how to compensate for the impact on water utilization and the natural environment.

By presenting the results of these studies, the project aimed to foster understanding among those involved.

The faculty members include specially appointed professors specializing in geology, hydrology (water cycle), and biodiversity, while visiting professors and researchers are dispatched from the prefectural government and JR Tokai. According to government officials, Morishita himself offered to become a specially-appointed professor of geology.

The endowed chairs' expenses, including research and personnel costs, will be covered by donations from companies and other sources. The amount of the burden is estimated at 30.84 million yen per year, which could amount to nearly 100 million yen over the next three years.

At the time, both the national and prefectural governments had established or were planning to establish meetings of experts to discuss the impact of the project on water resources and ecosystems, and were proceeding with their discussions in parallel. Mr. Morishita was named to both the national and prefectural meetings on water resources.

While there is a concern that the endowed course will "build a rooftop roof" because it deals with many of the same themes, the advantage of having a university as the main body is that it is easier to gain local understanding in terms of neutrality. JR officials show a certain understanding, but do not hide their distrust, saying, "It is different to have Mr. Morishita as a faculty member in charge.

Behind this is the fact that Mr. Morishita has made numerous comments in the same direction as Mr. Kawakatsu.

Most recently, when discussing safety measures for fill at a construction site, he stated that "a 100-year probability of rainfall is not sufficient; a 1,000-year probability should be considered. While the prefectural ordinance stipulates "once every five years," JR Tokai assumed "once every 100 years. Mr. Kawakatsu made a statement to the exact same effect.

Kawakatsu also called for a halt to the company's borehole investigation into the so-called "Shizuoka water" issue, claiming that groundwater from the Shizuoka Prefecture side could flow into the Yamanashi Prefecture side. The unusual claim that water from a neighboring prefecture is "Shizuoka water" has been met with protest and consternation, and Mr. Morishita has repeatedly complained that "Shizuoka Prefecture's water is being drained away.

In an interview with the Sankei Shimbun, Morishita explained that the donation course was "a private idea to accelerate the talks. After it was determined that it was unlikely to be realized, he said, "I have not lobbied for it at all. Regarding his relationship with Mr. Kawakatsu, he asserted, "Governor Kawakatsu's intentions were never conveyed to the technical committee. He added, "The key to a quick solution lies not with Shizuoka Prefecture but with JR Tokai.

Source: Translated fom Japanese: https://www.sankei.com/article/20230906 ... QJKVI7TPU/ by Ryotaro Fukuda. Accessed 2023-09-06

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