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Biden’s vision for Maglev (?)

Posted: 7. Apr 2021, 23:06
by jok
Biden’s vision for trains as fast as planes would require dramatic technological process. The fastest train being introduced for public use — Japan’s L0 Series Maglev — will operate at a maximum speed of 310 miles per hour when it opens in 2027. By contrast, the top speed of the Boeing 747 passenger jet is about 570 mph.


Democrats for decades pitched high-speed rail, but never put political capital into making it happen.


In 1992, Bill Clinton vowed as a candidate to connect cities with high-speed rail and in he pitched a $1.3 billion plan to do so during his first year as president. But the then Democrat-held Congress didn’t pass the bill.

Biden’s infrastructure plan calls for $80 billion in Amtrak repairs and $85 billion for regional mass transit. The plan calls for $25 billion in airport construction funds. A much larger share, $175 billion, would encourage the purchasing of electric vehicles.

“Imagine your children growing up to work in innovation, good paying jobs and fields that haven’t even been invented yet,” Biden said Wednesday at the White House.
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