Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö high-speed network (Trafikverket study)

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Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö high-speed network (Trafikverket study)

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Previous scoping by Trafikverket has shown the proposed high-speed network linking Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö will cost around SKr 295bn, considerably more than the budgeted SKr 205bn.
[...]The government says the planned financial framework will enable the current national plan to be completed, with investments in new main lines increasing the capacity of the rail network linking the country’s three metropolitan regions of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and contributing to urban development, housing construction and employment.

Trafikverket was commissioned to produce a new plan in June 2020, including two variations for the periods between 2022-2033 and 2022-2037. The documentation was submitted to the government in October 2020 and was then sent out for public consultation. The government has chosen to adopt the shorter 2022-2033 planning horizon.
Source: IRJ: ... ture-plan/
on May 15, 2021
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