Mr. Beniamino Contessotto appointed as COO of Afrail Express

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Mr. Beniamino Contessotto appointed as COO of Afrail Express

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Afrail Express Announces Appointment of Former Banker as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Former Accenture Executive, Mr. Beniamino Contessotto, appointed to lead the Afrail Express Maglev high-speed rail network development to connect Africa.
Afrail Express Limited, a premier Maglev powered high-speed passenger rail network being developed to connect the entire continent of Africa, today announced the appointment of Beniamino Contessotto as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, effective June 1, 2022.

Born and raised in Italy and based in Moldova, Mr. Contessotto has held managerial positions for over 10 years at Accenture Italia, as well as at EximBank Romania as Executive Director, and over 20 years at Veneto Banca in Europe, before devoting himself to entrepreneurial activities in the management consulting sector.

As VP, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Contessotto will report to the CEO, and apart from the usual day-to-day operational duties, he will lead key cross-functional operations, including project development, planning and management, acquisitions, logistics, marketing, and growth operations.

"I am excited to join and build the Afrail Express team as COO and look forward to using my experience in business transformation and supply chain management to help Afrail Express attains its vision, build its success, execute its growth plan and drive operational implementation across the organization," said Mr. Beniamino Contessotto.

The construction of the Afrail Express High Speed Rail Phase One will begin in May 2024 at multiple sites in different countries and will start operations between certain cities by 2033, to connect major cities in Africa at the speed of 431km/h, to transport passengers to their desired destinations faster and safer, at affordable costs.

Afrail Express is designed to offer business class and economy class, with each class to feature hi-tech passenger coaches equipped with stylish interiors and comfortable seats with cool features such as Wi-Fi, entertainment and catering services.

"Mr. Beniamino is an experienced, razor focused transformational and proven change leader with deep knowledge and experience in supply chain and logistics management. As a seasoned executive who depends on data analytics to achieve success, I am confident that Mr. Beniamino will be a tremendous leading force for the development, construction and commissioning of Afrail Express and for the continued operations, executing our strategic plan, and pursuing our path to profitability. I am excited to welcome Mr. Contessotto to the Afrail Express team," States Mrs. Rachel Long, VP, Corporate Strategy of Afrailways AG.

When fully operational, Afrail Express seeks to serve over 600 million paying passengers between different cities and countries in Africa, every week, in the highest safety and performance standards, and courier over 500 million paid packages weekly, effecting a creation of the largest advanced industrial ecosystem development in Africa of more than 50 million job opportunities.

Cillar STO is issued to finance the construction of the Afrail Express Maglev high-speed rail network, phase one, at the cost of USD $90 billion. Cillar is designed to serve as the central currency for the Afrail Express ticketing ecosystem, which is to help eliminate cross border exchange rates and fees when passangers in different African countries are to buy their tickets to ride the Afrail Express.

About Afrail Express
Afrail Express is a flagship development project between Zurich, Switzerland-based Afrailways and Oshakati, Namibia-based Groot Suisse Industries. Afrail Express is committed to moving Africa, one passenger at a time, more safer, faster and affordable.
Windhoek, Namibia, March 04, 2022 --( Press release
Source: Accessed: 2022-03-04
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