Passed away: Mr. Dieter Rogg (1937 - 2023) †

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Passed away: Mr. Dieter Rogg (1937 - 2023) †

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2023_Dieter Rogg
2023_Dieter Rogg
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Dieter Rogg (1937 - 2023) †

Dieter Rogg was a well-known protagonist in the research and development of magnetic levitation systems in Germany, in particular the TRANSRAID system. Dieter Rogg worked for Dornier Systems Co., mainly for the German Ministry of Research and Technology and the Ministry of Transport.

Dieter Rogg was also the manager of international cooperation in the field of maglev systems worldwide and his main task was to cooperate with US and Japanese research institutions and to establish the International Maglev Conferences together with Prof. Masada in the 1980s. Finally, he was involved in the various planning activities to establish, build and operate a Maglev system in Germany.

In memoriam Mr. Dieter Rogg: ... ieter-rogg

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