Monorail Market overview - just 50 pages for 1,800 € ?

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Monorail Market overview - just 50 pages for 1,800 € ?

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Monorail Market overview - 50 pages for 1,800 € ?

Market overview - Market outlook until 2035 - Development of fleet - Development of network length

The study introduces an overview of different monorail systems and explains the special application within the context of total turnkey. With available data and sound research, the study presents the current market with an outlook into the mid-term and long-term future of monorails as a public transport system.

To further support the growth, IMA has started to develop a performance based specification for total turnkey applications. The first edition of the ‘Performance Specification for a Turnkey Mass Transit Monorail System’ is a tool that enables customers and users, based on best practice and applying national and international regulations, to tailor a system to their specific transport needs. Around 25 international experts of various disciplines were contributing and reviewing - always with the aim of ensuring the highest level of safety and quality for implementation. Marko Kroenke concludes: "We are convinced that this specification document will help to further promote the application of monorails because it gives all stakeholders along the value chain orientation about the possibilities of monorails."
Source: ... d93c42214c Accessed: 2022-11-01
price: 1,800 €
plus 19% VAT
(for customers within Germany and EU customers without a Value added tax identification number)
Source: ... d93c42214c Accessed: 2022-11-01
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