3rd Gen vehicle?

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3rd Gen vehicle?

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Some moths ago, i heard that there is a new vehicle generation in operation on the Changsha track. Is that true? I only saw a concept render, but never the vehicle in operation. Thanks for answers.

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Re: 3rd Gen vehicle?

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They tested the green Maglev model – generation 2.0 - , developed for Gangzhou up to 160 km/h on the line at nights runs, avoid interrupting the normal service operation. You can see on videos, that the distance of the doors doesn’t match to the Changsha trains, so only one door of the platform barrier is opened in the station.

The test was the first real “medium speed” run of 160 km/h operation in Changsha. A generation 3.0 Maglev was announced, but not completed yet. My last information was, that the train is still in development.
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