The Hyperloop that never was

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The Hyperloop that never was

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Screenshot of website Accessed: 2021-05-06
The Hyperloop that never was Accessed: 2021-05-06

Pipenet, a magnet-powered pipline vehicle system, designed to transport goods at thousands of kilometres an hour, was a precursor to Elon Musk's Hyperloop.
Why did it never take off? Accessed: 2021-05-06

Author: Ben Munster, 5 May 2021
The Pipenet prototype hidden behind a lab at the end of a muddy footpath, in the shadow of a declining steel mill in central Italy, is a monument to how Europe struggles to commercialise cutting-edge technologies.

Moss-covered and sprouting vines, it is 100m long and 1.25m thick, a matte, polythene-composite tube that disappears into nearby woods, enclosed at one end in an old wooden shack. It looks big enough for an adult to crawl through.

“But I wouldn’t recommend going inside,” its inventor, Professor Franco Cotana, tells Sifted.

The Pipenet was once the largest working prototype of its kind, a magnet-powered funnel designed to transport goods at thousands of kilometres an hour, faster than any train, car or plane. Though Cotana, a professor at the University of Perugia, first patented it in 2000, there is another project in the US which is similar, only leagues more successful. That project is Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.
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