Vacuum in the tube - methods?

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Vacuum in the tube - methods?

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Hi all,

How would vacuum be maintained in the tube - suction units along the length? and typically, at what distances if something about that can be said(*) ? (* - a lot can depend on the actual design.)

Besides, would it be possible and useful if the pods themselves have facility to maintain vacuum in tube. Or, pods dedicated to that purpose are part of the convoy?
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Re: Vacuum in the tube - methods?

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In my opinion people would not travel in a small tube in a vacuum but if it is a Japanese maglev that does 700 km/h with overnight container trains to make it economical then I think they would with the cheap daytime daytime fares.

To answer your question about removal of air I suggest if it is in a 14 meter diameter single tunnel the build up in front of the train could be pushed out the launch shafts through exhaust valves leaving a breathable 11 psi.

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