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Sydney to Melbourne Maglev

Posted: 27. Apr 2022, 07:17
by Parrahub1
Competition is good but sometimes cooperation is needed when something will be used internationally and as a Japanese maglev is too expensive just for passengers I suggest Japan, China and Australia cooperate to build a maglev from Sydney to Melbourne with passing stations at Canberra and Albury that can earn $20,000,000 every night with overnight containers to subsidise daytime fares saving 5,000,000 tonnes jet fuel per year plus reduce the 700,000 B doubles on the Hume.

20 multimodal TBM like Florence could drive stage one Sydney to Canberra in one year.

Another thing I would like to point out is the overnight container train can go between the freight sidings 8 hours faster than any truck for next morning delivery and it may be possible to avoid complex points just by having the front wheels steerable as they would be down at the slow speed.