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Maglev company sues to condemn land

Posted: 2. Jul 2021, 10:45
by Eurorapid
Maglev company sues to condemn land planned for Westport development, setting up showdown between projects in South Baltimore

by Colin Campbell, Baltimore Sun
Thu, July 1, 2021, 12:31 AM
The proposed $10 billion, high-speed maglev train between Baltimore and Washington and a major waterfront housing development planned in the city’s Westport neighborhood are hurtling toward a legal showdown: Both would require the same land.

In a legal complaint whose outcome likely will decide which project moves forward, Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail is seeking to condemn the 43-acre undeveloped property along Kloman Street, across the light rail tracks from the Exelon Generation station.


The complaint, first reported by the Baltimore Business Journal, was filed June 7, before Sparks-based Stonewall Capital finalized its purchase of the parcel along the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River. The terms of the purchase from Westport Property Investments, a real estate firm of Under Armour founder Kevin Plank, were not disclosed.


Rogers said the maglev plans have been on the website for a year. The train won’t displace any residents from their homes, he said, unless the Westport development is built.

“It has to stop before some unsuspecting buyer or something buys what they may consider their home, and, all of a sudden, they have a train coming through it,” he said.
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Maglev company sues to condemn land

Posted: 4. Jul 2021, 16:52
by Eurorapid
By Holden Wilen – Reporter, Baltimore Business Journal
Jun 29, 2021, 4:10pm EDT
A mounting legal fight between the company seeking to build a high-speed magnetic levitating train line from Baltimore to Washington and the developer planning to build a waterfront community at Westport threatens the viability of two of the region's most highly touted projects.


If BWRR is successful in its legal challenge, it would throw the development of Westport into jeopardy. If the rail company fails, it could mean the end of maglev in Maryland.


The maglev builder has spent the last decade — and about $100 million — planning the project [...].
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Judge Dismisses Maglev’s Attempt to Condemn Westport Waterfront Development Property

Posted: 30. Aug 2021, 23:13
by Eurorapid
Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail (BWRR), the organization looking to construct the high-speed Maglev train between Baltimore and Washington, had its attempt to condemn a 43-acre Westport waterfront property dismissed by Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Kendra Ausby. Developer Ray Jackson of Stonewall Capital has a $500-million, mixed-use development, called One Westport, planned for the property.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Kendra Ausby tossed maglev builder Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail’s attempt [...] because the company did not get necessary approval from the mayor and City Council.

“There is no reason to send the case forward and so the motion to dismiss is granted,” Ausby said.


BWWR told Baltimore Business Journal it will appeal. Harbor West Collaborative, which opposed the BWWR condemnation, tweeted,”Victory!”

BWWR hopes to build the Baltimore station in Cherry Hill. In Phase Two, BWWR hopes to build a track through part of the Westport property before it tunnels under Downtown. Phase Two would also extend the Maglev to Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA.
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Re: Maglev company sues to condemn land

Posted: 30. Aug 2021, 23:19
by Miss Maglev
A proposed high-speed magnetic levitating train line that would get travelers from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., in 15 minutes has been grounded before it could even get rolling.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Kendra Ausby tossed maglev builder Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail's attempt to condemn property in Wesport because the company did not get necessary approval from the mayor and City Council.


Ausbry also questioned whether the proposed $10 billion maglev would even qualify as a railroad, meaning the company planning to construct it doesn't have condemnation authority.


Ray Jackson, principal of Stonewall Capital, praised the court's decision and said he appreciates the support his project has received from Westport community leaders and city officials.


BWRR CEO Wayne Rogers said in an email said he is "disappointed by the court's decision." BWRR will appeal the ruling, he said.

"We will continue to work hard to bring this critical and needed infrastructure project to Baltimore and the Northeast Corridor," Rogers said. "In addition, we will continue to partner with community leaders to help us bring the many benefits of true high-speed transportation to the region, all while creating jobs, battling climate change and providing opportunities for diversity, equity and inclusion."


Lisa Hodges-Hiken, executive director of the Westport Community Economic Development Corp., said she and other community members are happy about the ruling.

"This is a fantastic day for Westport," Hodges-Hiken said.

The Westport CEDC strongly opposes the maglev project because it have a disproportionate environmental impact on the majority-Black community.
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Serious setback for US maglev project

Posted: 1. Sep 2021, 00:07
by Eurorapid
Serious setback for US maglev project: Land critical for high-speed maglev route in Baltimore-Washington area just became unavailable
After a 30-minute virtual hearing on Aug. 30, Circuit Court Judge Kendra Ausby dismissed the lawsuit, allowing a developer to begin a 1,300-unit apartment and town house project.


The land that was in question, Westport’s undeveloped waterfront, is needed for two potential maglev routes. Rogers said if the land cannot be obtained for the project, houses might have to be condemned. The railroad company is in the process of submitting an environmental impact statement to the Federal Railroad Administration, but the agency is not expected to make a decision until next year. Baltimore, however, has asked the federal government not to approve the maglev route, and under state public utilities law the city’s consent is required.
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Prospects for building a maglev

Posted: 15. Sep 2021, 11:52
by Miss Maglev
The maglev promoter didn’t actually have the money to buy the land in question, but it wanted to halt a developer from building a mixed-use development on the property, which would have made condemnation a lot more expensive when and if it has the power and money to do so. The judge said that the company’s argument contained “a lot of factual inaccuracies.”

The prospects for building a maglev in the corridor have been further hurt by announcements from local officials such as >Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott and >Prince George’s County executive Angela Alsobrooks that they oppose the project. The mayor’s office suggested that, since the Senate just authorized $2.4 billion to improve the Northeast Corridor, it would be foolish to back a project that threatened to take customers away from Amtrak.

Meanwhile, 1,200 miles away, the Texas Central — which has been granted power of eminent domain by Texas courts — has >admitted that it will not be able to build its proposed Dallas-Houston high-speed rail line unless Congress passes an infrastructure bill that give the Federal Railroad Administration the authority to loan the high-speed rail promoter $12 billion. The railroad had previously claimed that it would be able to finance the project solely with private money.
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