Ida city Mayor Ken Sato reflects on Maglev

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Ida city Mayor Ken Sato reflects on Maglev

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【飯田市】佐藤健飯田市長 就任1年目の市政経営を振り返る

 With the construction of the linear railway and the San-En-Nanshin Expressway in full swing, it is now time to start building the station in the prefecture.

 "The first priority is to provide support to the people who will be asked to relocate so that their concerns and anxieties can be alleviated, including securing a place to relocate. After that, we will work in parallel to finalize the implementation design of the station area development. The overall schedule is still in flux, mainly due to the water problem in the Shizuoka construction area, but the city will proceed with the parts of the project that it is in charge of so as not to fall far behind the initial schedule. It has been pointed out that there is a lack of interest in and expectations for the linear railway, including in the industrial sector, so we would like to reach out to the younger generation in their 30s and 40s and think together about 'proactive city planning that makes full use of the linear railway and does not get pushed around by it. The government's budget for the San-En-Nanshin Expressway is secured every year, and I recognize that steady progress is being made. When the Aozora Tunnel opens, a large volume of traffic will flow into Toyama. To prepare for this, we have to make preparations for receiving the traffic, including the construction of the roadside station, Toyama-sato.

English translation of part of an interview with Ida city Mayor Ken Sato: ... B5%8C.html
Accessed October 14, 2021.

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