[IT] IronLev: an innovative maglev prototype?

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[IT] IronLev: an innovative maglev prototype?

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IronLev: an innovative maglev prototype?

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.Source: https://www.railway.supply/en/ironlev-a ... prototype/ Accessed 2024-03-18
Italian company IronLev has unveiled an innovative maglev prototype capable of operating on conventional railway tracks without the need for infrastructure modifications [...].

This project differs from existing maglev systems as it utilizes permanent magnets instead of electromagnets, significantly reducing infrastructure costs.


The 1-ton prototype has already successfully reached speeds of 70 km/h on a 2-kilometer stretch of railway.

Compared to traditional maglev systems, the IronLev project promises to reduce infrastructure investments by up to 10 times.

This opens up the possibility of implementing the new technology on existing railway tracks, turning them into maglev lines.


Following the successful testing of the initial prototype, IronLev plans to move to the next stage by testing a 20-ton prototype and accelerating it to speeds of 200 km/h.
Source: https://www.railway.supply/en/ironlev-a ... prototype/ Accessed 2024-03-18

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