{JP] Shizuoka governor's resignation may remove hurdle for maglev project

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{JP] Shizuoka governor's resignation may remove hurdle for maglev project

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Shizuoka governor's resignation may remove hurdle for maglev project

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-Source: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/ ... or-maglev/ Accessed 2024-04-03
The resignation of Shizuoka Prefecture's governor has raised the possibility of a successor who might greenlight the construction of a tunnel through the prefecture for Central Japan Railway's (JR Central) magnetic levitation line connecting Tokyo and Nagoya.

Tuesday's surprise resignation announcement by Shizuoka Gov. Heita Kawakatsu came just days after the operator of the maglev shinkansen said there would be a delay in its opening due to the governor's refusal to approve construction in the prefecture. The four-term governor is a long-time opponent of construction associated with the next-generation shinkansen.

Citing JR Central’s decision to abandon the planned 2027 opening of the maglev line, Kawakatsu said Wednesday that he chose to resign because it represented a break in the standoff between himself and JR Central, which has centered on environmental concerns.

“The Southern Alps (including parts of northern Shizuoka where the maglev will pass through) is a National Park. I believe it’s Japan’s national policy to protect the nature of such parks,” Kawakatsu told reporters.
Source: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/ ... or-maglev/ Accessed 2024-04-03

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[JP] Governor Kawakatsu's Resignation Does Not Clear the Way for Linear Projec

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Governor Kawakatsu's Resignation Does Not Clear the Way for Linear Project; Real Test Comes After Construction of Shizuoka Construction Zone Begins

 On April 10, 2024, Shizuoka Prefecture Governor Heita Kawakatsu submitted his resignation to the chairman of the prefectural assembly, drawing criticism for comments he made at the prefectural entrance ceremony on April 1 that could be perceived as occupationally discriminatory; although he announced his resignation at the June regular session on April 2, there were growing calls for his early resignation from within and outside the prefecture. At a press conference on June 10, Governor Kawakatsu explained his decision to move up the timing of his resignation, saying it would shorten the gap in prefectural administration.
An improved "L0 (L-zero) series" test car undergoing running tests on a linear test line in Yamanashi Prefecture (Photo: The Alliance for Promoting the Construction of the Linear Central Shinkansen Line)
[Click on image to enlarge].

 Governor Kawakatsu has not approved the start of construction of the Shizuoka section of the Linear Central Shinkansen, citing the reduced flow of the Oi River and its impact on the ecosystem of the Southern Alps. On March 29, JR Tokai, the main operator of the project, announced its decision to abandon the Shinagawa-Nagoya section of the line, which is scheduled to open in 2015. The company also announced that it expects it will take about 10 years to complete the tunnel construction in the Shizuoka construction zone.

 At a press conference held on April 3, the day after he announced his resignation, Governor Kawakatsu referred to the postponement of the opening of the new linear line. He said, "This is a fundamental revision of the existing construction plan. We have reached a major break with the linear line. This was the biggest thing. I am submitting my resignation because I have reached the end of my work here," he said, explaining the reason for his resignation.

 Governor Kawakatsu's statement also drew criticism. At a press conference held on April 8, Hideaki Omura, governor of Aichi Prefecture and chairman of the Alliance for the Promotion of the Linear Central Japan High Speed Rail Construction Project, which consists of 10 prefectures along the Linear Line, said, "It is not right to say that one's work is finished by making a statement that could be taken as one's achievement, as if the fact that one has abandoned the 27-year opening of the Linear Line is a milestone. I think it is wrong to say that this is the end of a job well done. Did he take advantage of us? I am furious.

 In June 2010, Shizuoka Prefecture applied to join the alliance on the condition that it approve the current project plan for the Linear Linear project. It submitted a document stating that it shared the prefecture's position of aiming for a 27-year opening of the Shinagawa-Nagoya line and a 37-year opening of the entire line to Osaka. However, at the aforementioned April 3 press conference, Governor Kawakatsu contradicted his sentiments at the time, saying, "I have traditionally believed that the only way to solve the linear problem is to review this project plan.

 In April 2008, at a meeting of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's panel of experts to study the reduction of the Oi River's flow, then JR Tokai President Shin Kaneko said, "If the Shizuoka Prefectural Government imposes tasks on us that are difficult to achieve, and if we do not accomplish them, we will not start construction, then we will not be able to achieve the goals of the Linear Linear Project. If we are not allowed to start the construction without accomplishing these tasks, the realization of the linear rail line will be very far away," he pointed out. Later, in response to protests from Governor Kawakatsu and others, he retracted his statement and began talking about the possibility of postponing the 27-year opening of the line.

Translated from Source: Hiroshi Tanigawa
Nikkei Crosstech https://xtech.nikkei.com/atcl/nxt/colum ... 142/01846/
Accessed: April 12, 2024

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Re: {JP] Shizuoka governor's resignation may remove hurdle for maglev project

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They should stop the excavation and use the SC maglev as a tourist attraction and develop an overnight container train to connect Sydney to Melbourne via Canberra and Albury that will earn twice as much as just a daytime fare.

At present China keeps saying it has got the fastest train in the world with passengers.

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[JP] JR Tokai: "Continuing to Communicate with the Next Governor of Shizuoka

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JR Tokai's President: "Continuing to Communicate with the Next Governor of Shizuoka
Linear Shinkansen

On April 17, JR Tokai President Shunsuke Niwa declined to comment on the resignation of Shizuoka Prefectural Governor Heita Kawakatsu, who had opposed the start of construction of the Shizuoka section of the Linear Shinkansen Line, saying, "I am not in a position to comment. As for the next governor, he reiterated his previous stance: "I will continue to work earnestly in two-way communication to gain the understanding and cooperation of the local community. Kawakatsu made the remarks at a regular press conference in Tokyo on the same day.

Concerned about the impact on the water resources of the Oigawa River, Governor Kawakatsu announced his opposition to the start of construction of the Shizuoka section of the Linear Line in 2017. In March 2012, JR Tokai abandoned its goal of starting construction of a linear line between Shinagawa in Tokyo and Nagoya in 27 years at the earliest.

Translated form Japanese Media news. Source: https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXZQOFD ... 4A4000000/ Accessed: April 18, 2024

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