[JP] Tajimi Maglev Tunnel

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[JP] Tajimi Maglev Tunnel

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Linear Central Shinkansen Tunnel Construction to Begin Through Tajimi 

The construction of a tunnel through Tajimi City for the Linear Central Shinkansen Line began on July 28, 2022. The construction started in the Ohari construction section, which passes through Tajimi City, of the Linear Central Shinkansen Line's "First Chukyo Area Tunnel" connecting Kani City and Nagoya City.

On the 28th, about 50 people, including JR Tokai executives and Tajimi City Mayor Masanori Furukawa, gathered at the construction site and offered a tamagushi to pray for construction safety. They prayed for the safety of the construction.

The "Ohari construction section" is a 5-kilometer-long section connecting Kani City and Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, and together with another section that has already begun construction, the 34.2-kilometer-long "First Chukyo Area Tunnel" is scheduled to connect the two cities. The "Ohari construction zone" is scheduled to be completed. The Ohari construction section is scheduled for completion in 2026. Ten tunnels are planned to be constructed in the prefecture for the Linear Central Shinkansen Line.

Mayor Furukawa of Tajimi City said, "I am hopeful that tourism demand will increase.

Info based on Japanese NHK: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/gifu/20220 ... 09384.html Accessed 2022-07-28

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