[JP] 16 Neighborhood associations in proposed landfill site form think tank

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[JP] 16 Neighborhood associations in proposed landfill site form think tank

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リニアのトンネル残土 処分場予定地の16自治会が「考える会」結成
16 Neighborhood Associations in the Proposed Landfill Site of the Linear Tunnel Overburden Form Think Tank

Representatives from all 16 community associations in the Kaminogo area of Mitake Town, Gifu Prefecture, where there is a plan to construct a disposal site for soil left over from the construction of a tunnel for the Linear Central Shinkansen bullet train, gathered on the evening of January 1 to form the "Kaminogo Area Association for Linear Tunnel Soil". The group plans to ask JR Tokai to change the plan through the town, citing serious risks such as water pollution, collapse, and extinction of valuable species.

The disposal site is planned to be located on privately owned and town-owned land in Misano. There are landowners in the area, and there were hopes for development of the site. However, the site is considered to contain heavy metals and "needs to be addressed".

Info based on https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASQB26WFTQB2OIPE00G.html Accessed: 2022-10-03

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[JP] 16 Neighborhood associations form think tank

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The group was established by local residents in the Kaminogo area of Mitake Town, where the disposal site is planned to be constructed, and a general meeting was held on January 1.
The chairman, Takeshi Kouketsu, addressed the meeting, saying, "We are not against the opening of the Linear Line, but we cannot allow our children and grandchildren to bear the risk of the construction work.
JR Tokai, which is constructing the Linear Central Shinkansen Line, has been discussing with the town of Mitake to build a disposal site in the town for soil left over from the construction of tunnels and other projects in the town.
Although JR Tokai claims that it will take safety measures such as layering water shielding sheets when storing the soil, residents are voicing their concerns.
The association states, "We assume a serious risk to the lives, properties, and environment of the residents, and we would like to discuss, examine, and make proposals on this issue from various perspectives with the local residents in order to pass on a better environment to the next generation.

Source: Translated news from NHK Japan: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/gifu/20221 ... 09844.html Accessed 2022-10-03

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[JP] Government hid choice of soil disposal site for six years

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リニア残土置き場に重要湿地 岐阜・御嵩町、国選定を6年非公表
Critical wetlands for the linear-related sediment disposal site have not been made public in the six years since the government selected the site.

On the evening of November 10, the town of Mitake, Gifu Prefecture, announced that an "important wetland" selected by the Ministry of the Environment as a rare plant community is included in some of the candidate disposal sites for construction debris generated by JR Tokai's Linear Central Shinkansen construction project. JR Tokai asked for understanding of the town's plan to construct a landfill site at the candidate site, saying that they would avoid the site and transplant rare species.

 Among the candidate sites that the town provided JR Tokai with information on as a site for the soil dump, a portion of a mountain forest in the Misano district was home to a group of Japanese snowbell trees and other species that are listed as "endangered" on the Ministry of the Environment's Red List of Threatened Species (Red List). For this reason, the Ministry of the Environment selected the area as an important wetland. Although development activities cannot be regulated even if the site is selected as an important wetland, developers are required to give consideration to conservation.

No related questions were received.

 On November 10, the town held a public forum with JR Tokai and experts. During the forum, the town acknowledged that the Misano Hananoki wetlands are included in the Important Wetlands list, and recognized that "JR Tokai should ensure that the wetlands do not die out due to the construction of fill. The forum was attended by residents and there was time for questions and answers, but the forum was adjourned without accepting any questions regarding the important wetlands. Some of the townspeople in attendance expressed dissatisfaction with the proceedings.

 After the forum was adjourned, Mayor Kimio Watanabe, in an interview with reporters, explained why he had not disclosed the fact that the site had been selected as an important wetland: "I was aware that the candidate site was not a wetland (itself) but was 'adjacent' to a wetland. (I wondered what JR was going to do about it," he explained. JR Tokai, on the other hand, stated, "We will avoid the Hananoki wetland group as much as possible. They reiterated that they would "avoid the Hananoki wetlands as much as possible and take conservation measures such as transplanting important species.

 On the 11th, one night after the meeting, Akihiro Nishimura, Minister of the Environment, addressed the issue at a press conference following the Cabinet meeting, saying, "It is very important that the local government and the operator give appropriate consideration to the environment when considering a project in the area. The project is a very important project for the local government and business operators to give proper consideration to the environment.

Info based on Japanese Report by Keisuke Ota: https://mainichi.jp/articles/20221112/k ... 20/021000c Accessed 2022-11-12

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Re: [JP] 16 Neighborhood associations in proposed landfill site form think tank

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Well if they developed a container train that reduced daytime fares below planes they could not only sell it to democries but it could easily remove the muck.

The Not In My Backyard NIMBYS are killing democrasies worldwide.

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