The International Maglev Board (IMB) Library

in cooperation with

THD Technical University Deggendorf, Germany, Europe.


The International Maglev Board has been collecting relevant publications on the subject of magnetic levitation and related applications for several decades. The current and historical documents, books and posters are accessible to interested parties in the THD University library, DIT (Deggendorf Institute of Technology). The collection also contains unique and rare publications in various languages, primarily in German, English, Russian and Japanese.

Please note: Documents can only be read in the Reading Room of the University Library.

The visitor's adress is: THD Library (Bibliothek), Dieter-Görlitz-Platz 1, 94469 Deggendorf.

An overview of the current stock of documents and publications can be found by clicking on the Weblink or the picture below (a new window opens).



Donations, Gifts

The International Maglev Board welcomes donations of relevant Maglev publications. Any donation (gift of relevant books, relevant documents) can be sent to the following postal adress:

Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
Bibliothek / Library
Collection of The International Maglev Board
Postbox 13 20
94453 Deggendorf, Germany

Please note that we cannot return sendings with irrelevant or unusable content.