Do you remember the Transrapid?

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Do you remember the Transrapid?

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China's government is taking rigorous action against its own corporations. This is not likely to help the country's own economy.

Do you remember the Transrapid? The maglev train was developed in Germany and de facto made ready for series production. However, a line was not built - despite years of discussion. The situation in China is different. There, the concept from Germany was adopted and a line was put into operation near Shanghai as early as 2002, without much consideration for protests from local residents.

Since then, the Transrapid has been regarded as an example of the greater efficiency of the Chinese system compared with Western democracies. In this country, where human rights are not taken very seriously, citizens' initiatives and environmental impact assessments are underrepresented, to say the least.

Translated from German language. Source: ... ing-liegen Accessed: September 15, 2021.

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