[JP] JR Tokai Shareholders' Meeting: Maglev: Emphasis on Providing Information

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[JP] JR Tokai Shareholders' Meeting: Maglev: Emphasis on Providing Information

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JR東海株主総会「リニア工事 情報提供を重視して対応」
JR Tokai Shareholders' Meeting "Linear Construction: Responding with Emphasis on Providing Information

At JR Tokai's General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 21, the Company announced that it will emphasize the importance of providing information to the local community in order to address the problem of low water levels in wells and other facilities near the Linear Central Shinkansen tunnel construction site in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture.

JR Tokai's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held at a hotel in Nagoya City on January 21, with 487 shareholders in attendance.
At the meeting, President Shunsuke Niwa spoke about the Shizuoka section of the Linear Central Shinkansen, the construction of which has not yet begun. "I have spoken directly with the mayors of the cities and towns along the Oigawa River and with Governor Suzuki of Shizuoka Prefecture, and I have a strong feeling for the project, which I have experienced firsthand. We will emphasize two-way communication," he said, expressing his intention to discuss water resources and other issues with Shizuoka Prefecture in order to begin construction as soon as possible.
In response to a shareholder's question about low water levels in wells in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, due to tunnel construction, the shareholder asked if there were other locations that were similarly affected.
Hitoshi Kato, Executive Officer of the Company, responded, "Although we cannot determine a cause-and-effect relationship with the construction work, there have been cases where the water level in wells around the tunnel has dropped and water has been supplied from intake tanks as a stopgap measure.
He also stated that "we will take necessary measures while consulting with experts, and we will report to local residents and local authorities as necessary to ensure a sincere response," indicating that the company plans to respond to future construction activities.

Source: Translated Japanese Media News. Source: NHK, https://www3.nhk.or.jp/tokai-news/20240 ... 36139.html Accessed 2024-06-21

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