JR Tokai Maglev: Creating New Values?

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JR Tokai Maglev: Creating New Values?

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Corporate Roundtable Discussion Project: JR Tokai: "A Major Artery Supporting the Japanese Economy - Creating New Values

https://www.jukushin.com/archives/46696 Accessed: August 8, 2021.
D: Related to the topic of business transformation, I read an article that JR Tokai is going to put a lot of effort into the construction of the Central Shinkansen using superconducting linear cables. I would like to know the main reason why the company as a whole is trying to promote the construction of a linear line, and what is your ultimate goal?

Inanaga: The main goal is to create a dual system of transportation that connects Tokyo, Nagoya, and Shin-Osaka, Japan's major arteries, which are currently connected only by the Tokaido Shinkansen. If a disaster such as the Nankai Trough Earthquake were to occur in the future and the Tokaido Shinkansen were to stop, Japan's economic hub would lose its function. The Tokaido Shinkansen is designed to be resistant to earthquakes, as it was able to recover quickly after the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, in order to ensure the fulfillment of our philosophy of contributing to the development and economy of Japan, we are aiming to build another linear line between Tokyo, Nagoya and Shin-Osaka to avoid the Nankai Trough, just in case.

Suzuki: There are two terms for the Shinkansen currently under construction: "Central Shinkansen" and "Superconducting Linear", which means that the Central Line trunk line will be built using a technology that only we have, called linear. This means that the Chuo Line trunk line will be built using linear technology, a technology that is unique to our company. By using linear technology to create a "dual system," we can connect Tokyo and Nagoya in 40 minutes. Shortening the travel time will further increase the labor productivity of the Japanese people, and if you want to travel, you will be able to visit farther regions, which will create new added value.
Translation of a part ot the discussion, as documented here (in Japanese): https://www.jukushin.com/archives/46696 Accessed: August 8, 2021.

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