[JP] Linear Central Shinkansen Tunnel Construction Affects Tourism Industry.

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[JP] Linear Central Shinkansen Tunnel Construction Affects Tourism Industry.

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Linear Central Shinkansen Tunnel Construction Affects Tourism Industry...Requests Governor to Widen Roads and Support Tourism due to Increase in Construction Vehicles and "Deterioration of Road Environment" Oshika Village, Nagano

Officials from Oshika Village in Nagano Prefecture have requested that Governor Abe widen roads and provide support for tourism because the construction of a tunnel for the Linear Central Shinkansen Line has increased the number of construction vehicles, which has affected tourism.

Six people from the tourist association of Oshika Village and others visited the prefectural office and handed a written request to Governor Abe.

In Oshika Village, where the construction of the Linear Linear Tunnel is in full swing, the number of construction vehicles such as dump trucks transporting overburden has increased on the prefectural road connecting the village with the neighboring town of Matsukawa.

The deterioration of the road environment, including the narrowing of the road width for ordinary vehicles, along with the prolonged Corona disaster, has had a major impact on tourism, and the number of visitors to the "Roadside Station" in 2022 will be only about 60% of the previous year's level.

The written request included five items, including the widening and improvement of prefectural roads and promotion of tourism.

(Sadao Hirase, chairman of the Oshika Village Tourist Association) "Some facilities are likely to be forced out of business before the opening of the linear line, and we strongly requested that the road be improved so as to eliminate concerns about unsafe places.

In response to the request, Governor Abe indicated that he would conduct an on-site survey and decide how to respond to the request.

Source: Info by Shin-Etsu Broadcasting Co., Japan. Wednesday, January 25, 2023 https://newsdig.tbs.co.jp/articles/-/294624?display=1 Accessed: 2023-01-26

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