Maglev project in Scandinavia

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Maglev project in Scandinavia

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There are proposals by several groups in Scandinavia to build an interconnected Maglev system linking the major Nordic cities of Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen.

The geography in Scandinavia - with the exception of Denmark - is quite challenging with hilly terrain. But this is precisely where the great advantage in the Transrapid system lies, that high gradients can be overcome and, with an elevated track, nature below the track is still not disturbed.

Sweden is 30% larger than Germany, but has fewer inhabitants than Bavaria. The cities are further apart and this makes higher speeds with high acceleration very attractive. With a lot of forest, people are not disturbed in the sparsely populated parts of the country. Norway is very mountainous and very demanding for railroads that have to go slowly around the mountains.

What do you think? What is your opinion?
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